Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Still freakin exhausted. I feel like an old woman- half the time I'm laying in bed by 7 or 8! Still haven't heard from hubby. Only got 1 letter since he's been gone. I know he's extremely busy, so I'll be patient. 27 days to go, and then he'll be home.

I was gonna say something, but I forgot. (Oh no. Pregnancy brain already!)

Oh... my hCG level on my first beta was 50.6. 3 days later, it was 304! w00t w00t! Before she drew my blood, Michelle said she'd expect it to be around 150, because it usually doubles every 2-3 days. So hopefully 304 means he's rooted in there for the long haul.

When I mentioned it to my mom, she was like, "Maybe he split into identical twins!" Now THAT would be something. Our good friend Josh said he's an overachiever, just like his father (LOL!) My first prenatal appointment is on Thursday. I wonder what my levels will be like then... Definitely looking forward to it.

I've been craving potatoes like crazy. The other night, I felt kind of sick, so I decided I would try and eat something. Josh had a hot dog he couldn't finish, and it smelled good, so I decided to try it. I got one taste of the ketchup on it and almost threw up. So I waited a few hours, and I felt my stomach getting kinda grumbly. I REALLY wanted some poatoes and a peanut butter sandwich (separately, of course. Not together. This isn't some pickles n' ice cream type stuff. At least not yet!) I opened the bag of potatoes to get some out, and almost threw up. Onto plan B. I made a peanut butter sandwich. It smelled delicious. I took one bite out of it and almost puked. Grrrr!

Last night, my aunt roasted a chicken in the oven. I don't know about you, but I LOVE the skin off of roasted chicken. My mom cut a piece of skin off for me, and it tasted good, but I started chewing it and I couldn't handle the texture. I spit it out and then spit in the sink. I felt like I was gonna throw up. The whole time, my mom is LAUGHING at me! Like, she had tears in her eyes. Apparenty, my face totally changed and she could tell I was about to puke. I'm glad I can amuse someone. lol

My mom won $1,500 on a lottery scratch off today. That's pretty exciting. She said she'd buy me a belly band and this pair of Nikes I saw for my little cocoa puff. Sweet!