Saturday, June 13, 2009

Missing my Airman like crazy =(

I've been thinking about my upcoming appointment a lot today. I'm excited and nervous at the same time- I'm praying that I see a heartbeat on Friday. I've been blessed enough to make it this far, and I hope I can see my little miracle thriving at my 6w appointment.

I just wish his daddy could be here to see this. It's hard doing this without him here, but I wouldn't change anything. He'll be home in a few weeks. Looking at the calendar, I'll be 8w3d when he gets home, so maybe I can postpone my 8w prenatal appt until he gets here so he can come with me. I'll have to remember to ask them about it on Friday. After that, I should be graduating to an OB. They said they could release me to an OB earlier, because once pregnancy is achieved the fertility center becomes an out-of-network provider, so I have to pay 20% of all the services rendered instead of just a copay. But Dr. Grossman and all the girls at CNY are awesome. I wish I could stay there for 40 weeks, but I can't afford it. I guess I'll just stick with them for the full 8 weeks and then see an OB.

That reminds me... I have to call a couple OB's to see if they're accepting new patients. I'm leaning toward Dr. Angell at Albany Med, but when I was looking for a new GYN several months ago, there was a 1+ month waiting list to get in to see him. I probably should have started thinking about this sooner, but I didn't want to get my hopes up in case I got a BFN.

Haven't heard from hubby in 2 weeks =(

I hope they give him an opportunity to write soon. I really want to know what his reaction was to finding out that our IVF was successful, and to hear his thoughts and feelings. Still about 3 more weeks to go, but we're in the homestretch now. Just gotta be patient.

Ooohhhhh... my roasted potatoes are done!!!