Thursday, June 25, 2009

Snap, crackle, pop BEEYOTCH!!!!

Yeah, that's right. I made me some Rice Krispies Treats! Come to find out, we had marshmallows ALL ALONG!!! It was a partial bag, so I didn't think we had enough, but the recipe only calls for a 10oz bag, and this one was a 16oz bag with some missing. I plopped that bitch on the food scale, and it weighed in at 9.875oz. Close enough for me!

I'll probably polish off this entire pan in less than 24 hours and wind up with a stomach ache, but I don't care. They're sooooooo gooooooooood.

My little cocoa puff enjoyed the nachos last night, and I hope he likes this wonderful confection I just made for him! ♥